Nick's Journal
2001-10-23 05:04:11 (UTC)

Why Life Doesn't Suck

Yes that's right. This is the same guy that came to you
with a depressed/cynical view just earlier today. How am I
changed? Well let me tell you why. First of all Jesus and
the Holy Spirit (I mean Joe and Mark) replied to my former
journal entry, and said some real uplifting stuff. So let
me go on and say why life doesn't suck.
For example. Today was Monday. Monday's are bad.
Monday's make me sad. Today I was tired beyond belief, had
a lot of work to do, and just was in a shitty mood. Then
to top it all off right before I want to do my practice
test my computer crashes (now if you know me that's nothing
new, i serioulsy reformat every month, but this time it
really got to me). So i could have gone crazy, and hated
all of today. Instead Rami dragged his ass all the way
from his comfortable apartment and helped my ass out.
That, topped with the awesome replies I've gotten has made
my day great. So let me tell you simply why things are
I/You have friends (and even if you don't, you have Jesus
or whoever the fuck that cares about you). And if they
don't then you can always change who you're with, you're
never stuck with others.
I/You have the ability to change life. Do whatever, shit i
almost went to mexico tonight with juliann but then i
realized that it's dark out and i'm afraid of the dark.
I/You can enjoy the sun. Today I sat infront of seitz and
studied quantitative methods and sunned myself. I must
have been a "gay" sight, with my shorts hiked up high so
that i could get a tan. But it felt great, i listened to
music and stared at the beautiful sky. Clear blue, with a
hint of a tree peering over at me through the bottom
perceptions/depths of my vision.
I/You could get pissed off at everything. I could be
pissed now even though my computer works. I mean shit i
lost all my files. But what good would getting
pissed/cynical do me? Jack shit, instead just don't worry,
and here i am sipping citrus drop and writing. Listening
to Nelly and how he's going to be "fucking lesbian trios".
I prefer that over fuming.
I/You has 20 gbs of the best porn around, that has now been
flushed down the toilet. Do you see me beating my head
against the wall? NO. instead I go back on direct connect
and download Bad girls 1-9 for the 3rd time in a row.
So go outside enjoy life. Hang out with those that respect
you and make you laugh and make you feel good about
yourself, forget the others. Go out to Sbarro's and make
fun of the butch dykes, be cynical/sarcastic as long as it
doesn't make you bitter. Be whoever you are and those that
like you, won't mind. And if you're computer gives you
shit, send it over to me, and I'm gonna get funky on it
like an old batch of cauly greens, with my boy Rami :-).