emily says hi
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2001-10-23 04:55:56 (UTC)

it's a day

Last night, my ex boy and long time compadre jamie called me
on a lot of things that i had been doing wrong. it was harsh
stuff, and it hurt hearing it, but i brought it on myself,
more or less. here's how it went, plus undeniable proof why
i am proverbial Shit.

I am enamored with max. Have been for a while and so much
that i have been ignoring both jamie and richard, two boys
who mean the world to me andhave oth come up to me and told
me several times that i never call plus i never hang out and
their pissed off that they "never see me anymore". but i'm
all blah, big deal, they're jsut being boys. I can spend
time with them later, says i. because its not like i always
get to see max anyaway. jsut when Liza (my girl) feels like
jacking ehr moms car and wants to go driving to addison. But
liza's busy getting smashed somewhere in deep ellum, and I
really want to see max, so, tottaly sans consious thought, i
call richard up, interupt him with Dana, his girl, and he's
getting pissed as fuck. Jamie comes over later, and i calla
gain, and jamie picks up the phone and after i ask hi to
dive me to addison and see this new guy Max, jamie blows up:
"you'r such a liar emily, you lie all the time, you never
call when you say you will, you want things all the time,
and you never used to do this...you promised to to ditch me
after we broke up, and you lie about that..." he almost
pologized after, but i felt worse, so i told him not too.
then he tried to get me to justify doing that, doing all
what i did, which was ditch my friends for a boy...
And i'm jsut sitting there, don't know what to say, because
it's all true. Really. All of it. And i guess that's why
he's my best friend. Richard too. becusae despite all the
crap that i dish out with them, they'll still be honest with
me and not blow my shit

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