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2001-10-23 01:52:40 (UTC)

I will won - forever love in heart

Strange things happen in heart of losers. They feel the fear
of a war and they become agressive on streets.
Only people that had known love will remain strong. Because
one day it will last forever in heart.
I was cold because of rain and starving of two days.
I tried to recover my health by warming me.
I saw some people petcat and then touch it. I was cured
instantly. I felt some small energy covering my chest.
I am cured now. To have a pet make people so strong even
in mind health.
What will I do next. Serving books is almost ended. Maybe
I try other people are asking me. Better is to see people
I cut little my hair and it done cute. False friends showed
as enemies and tried to beat me with words, faces and till
pretended a fight. Most enemies appeared as I hadn't a ugly
face with wild hair.
After that Angel said me to don't be a fool cutting my hair.
I understand now why enemies are fighting as I have a style
in hair. The teams are formed. The losers are false friends
and enemies. The winner are just me and truly friends.
Love is the only trumph.