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2001-10-23 04:34:01 (UTC)

~*~Glommed out~*~

So like usually I try my best to be a good and especially
respectful nice person with people. So why is it then that
he wants me to be mean? Why is it that he's so mean to me?
I see and I understand his side of this. Its sad but I am
not in denial about it. Its fading. What was once said and
done between us is no longer. I mean its not like I can
make someone like me. I can't just go and change his
feelings. He doesn't even talk to me anymore when he sees
me. Yeah he's been so mean to me before but its not like I
can control what he does. He does it b/c of his lost of
interest. I try to talk to him as I used to. If he was his
old self he would respond in the same way, but nah he
doesn't. That was the past. After 13 months so much
changed. But I guess all good things must come to an end. I
reminisce everyday all day long trying to figure out what I
could of done better or just differently. It would make my
day to hear him say "I'm here for you" or at least to hear
him say he cares somewhat. But thats just a stupid wish. If
only he UNDERSTOOD how I feel. But thats a never. I'm
unfortunately too proud of a girl to let my guard down. I
did once but I guess he didn't see it. If only he could
understand how lucky he is. If only he could realize what's
right infront of him, something that he's missing out on.
Or maybe he's found his own!

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