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2001-10-23 04:08:54 (UTC)

Secret Poems

I'm planning on going up to London this week to finalize
some business deals and see some old friends...along the
way, I'm also planning on updating the site. I'm almost
ready for the About the Author page to make it's
debut...I'm also going to create some subsections for my
past work...I think that is how I'm going to do this page.
As the name says there is a list of secret poems I'm
throwing into the collection.

With the 23 (yes I can announce another poem at last) being
Melody of the Wind, I can announce six secret poems.

They are:

Quid Pro Quo
The Important Things
Midnight at the Abyss
Say the Words
City in the Sky

this is the complete list of secret poems...I'm not telling
you a thing about these poems though. The titles are all
you get.
So with 23 and 6...there are seven left and my first demo
is due out...it will have 6-8 (still not sure) poems for
sale to preview...don't worry it will be cheap...
I can guarantee one secret poem will be included in the
That's it...my goal is in site...can't wait...
The Mad Scientist

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