my lil secrets
2001-03-12 18:32:03 (UTC)

dear diary, well i think i hav..

dear diary, well i think i hav made a final decision, im
ganna try my luk with B an tell R it is totally over in
that way an i jus want to be friends. i feel i can tell
him without baking out or breaking down. im starten to see
a whole other side of B i never knew an its not only
attractive to me but fun in a way its been so long since i
hav felt this way. im pretty sure that im making the rite
choice. today was ok so far. my mom an her ex r in this
big dramatic thig an of course im in the middle. its kind
frustrating bcuz i dont want to b involved but there is no
way i cant be. her ex D is a bitch man she is so mean an
jus ew. my mom is a lesbien btw. i wish they would stop
acting like children an jus get along. i dont want them bak
together or anything i jus want them to stop fitting. my
friend J is cummin over tomarrow im excited bcuz i never
get to see him anymore bcuz he works so much now i havnt
seen him since new years. we r ganna have fun. B is cummin
over thursday an spending the weekend here:) my mom asked
me if we had sex yet. lol she is so kewl but a lil crazy. i
told her she didnt havta worry bout bein a gramma jus yet
(not that she would mind she is the only non gramma in her
gen of the family an she feels left out) but i am jus not
redy to go that far yet. well i dont hav much else to say i
gatta do sum laundry an junk so ill et goin now