my life...
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2001-10-23 03:17:26 (UTC)


it's been SEVEN hours
& fifteen days
since you took
your love AWAY

it's been so LONELY
WITHOUT you here
Like a bird without a SONG

nothing can stop these lonely
TEARS from falling
tell me baby
WHERE did i go wrong?

i can put my ARMS around every
boy i see, but they only
remind me of YOU

all the flowers that you planted
in the backyard
all DIED when you went away

NOTHING compares to you

I don't know why I put this amazingly beautiful but
horribly depressing poem in this diary...School is getting
to me like no other...I am so sick of thinking of
college...why can't things just be easy again?? I miss
being carefree and not even thinking about the future but
no its actually happeneing...
furthermore, I believe that I am probably the most fearful
of falling hook line and sinker in love again...I don't
really know how Scott feels and this time I don't actually
want to end up being totally dicked over...I am not sure if
he actually loves me..I mean I think he does and all but I
guess I am just paranoid, jealous and psycho when it comes
to possible heartbreak once again...I don't know what I am
getting at...I mean I am not upset or sick or
whatever...ahhhhh :( Simplicity--thats what I'm lookin
for... I wish Scott and I could see each other more... I
miss him terribly and yet still fear that he will get sick
of me and walk away...i am probably just tired...I am going
to bed now bye