Electric monkey
2001-10-23 02:59:36 (UTC)

10-22-01 [nice day, nice weather, the moon was pretty]

so, im sitting here online as usual. i juts got the little
bit of homeowork i had to do done. just a couple questions
in German. easy easy. =P but graham just left a few minutes
ago as well. heehee. i had a wonderful night outside under
the stars with him. at first we went outside to listen to
the band next door [to me], then it turned into going into
the yard and looking through the window at them. we could
see the guitarist and the drum set. heheh... after that we
just hung out under the porch area. hrm, yeah. =P *wink*
i need to make a stained glass design, and i dont know what
to do.. i have this cool looking sun going on, but im still
not sure. i need to find something so i have time to
finish it. eek... ive been slacking off in that class for
about a week now. today i kinda hald slept, with my head
down on the table. i was tired, cause i didnt get much
sleep over the weekend. heh. oh well.. i got enough i
suppose. yep.
i dont really have anything else to say on here. im going
to go write to jessica and in my journal. night.