even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-10-23 02:36:25 (UTC)

get by with a little help from my friends

so that joe crocker song was playing ont he radio as i came
home form the shrink just now and i was recapping the appt.
to naomi liek i always do and thinking baout my boys, and i
was so happy.. i ahd this moronic grin all over my face
just thinking about them and it made me smile like and
idiot... so i think about my friend alot.. and maybe thats
normal, i don;t knwo, my normal isn;t everyopne elses, i
dont; think... so what would be normal then? i guess normal
is a day to day thing, actually, its not.. at all i dontl
know why i said that, other than i suck... the shirnk appt.
was kind of pointless, liek them all, but talkng to naomi
is always good after the shrink... she was talking today
botu the first day she worked for us, me and alex were
making limeade and we were like, ok lets go to the store,a
nd we went, and apparantly jesus was on the cover of liek,
tv guide or soemthing and naomi was like, ya'll were saying
stuff like, goddamnit, jesus is on the cover of tv guide,
and ya'll were saying it so loud an dit just shocked me,
and ithat so funny, cause i can imagine us saying thta an
di remeber makign limeade and it was just a really good
memeory... those days int eh aapartment were so good, only
so bad.. thats hwat i was really thinking baout.... it was
so rough with my mom, and everything, and then it was so
great cause alex and i were so close, and we were both
like, really a wreck emotionally, her moreso than i, but it
was proaobly the worst ive ever felt, over all... but alot
of the memeroies i have fomr the apppartemnt day are really
good, and then there are some tha are really bad... jesus,
those were the days, only they weren't... so weird...and
then i was thinkign, abotut hat time alex got kicked out of
teh toy store for saying penis envy real loud, and i guess
loud is kind of a theme...loud.. lalalaaaa... im really
tired, tired an happy, also a theme, althoug tired is more
of a reoccuring theme than happy, though... its odd, i
donlt htink it shold be....