"My Wonderful Life"
2001-10-23 02:29:34 (UTC)

My Weekend

I started off having a good weekend. C.J. cam and got me
then we went to Concrod mills. We went to see a movie to
it was fun. Then we went home after a while and then after
a while Tiffani and Sarah came back over then we found out
some things about each other. Things I never new. But
anyways we watch ROad Trip. That was a pretty good movie.
Then Saturday came and C.J. his mom and dad and I went to
NC state to visit. It is a pretty good collgeg I think.
Then after that we cam home and Had to wait for the night
cuz we were going to do something but I wont say what it
was on here. We did it and I just want to say Damn it made
me feel bad as you know what. I still feel bad about it.
If someone gave me a million dallors to do it again... I
would say NO in a heart beat. It was fun at first then it
ended out bad. I am not talking about getting cault I am
talking about getting sick that sucked and I am never,
never ever do that again as long as I live. Well i guess I
am going to go.#3