daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-10-23 02:23:47 (UTC)

Items I've Neglected to Mention in the Fray of My Existence

In the wake of my car troubles, I've failed to mention
that my father moved out a few weeks ago. He's had an
apartment for about six months. It's somewhere in NB. We
don't know the exact location. He's slowly been moving his
clothing and other personal things from the house. He was
just taking his belongings someplace for the longest time,
then coming home from work an hour or two late, but
sleeping at home. He's officially gone now, I believe.
However, when he called my mom the other day she asked him
about it and he replied "I don't know." Just like a
fucking man. That's the same answer I got from the MM when
I asked him why he stopped wanting to see me. Bastard. Is
that the all-purpose male answer? That they don't know? I
wish I had someone to ask, because it's pretty odd that
when I, a female, ask that very same question, I am
rebuffed and reprimanded, patronized and pelted with
glares. It's grossly unfair. Women have broken the glass
ceiling of fair employment, but not the ones of speech and
thought. Not with the men in my acquaintance, anyway.

The only male that doesn't give me trouble in life is
the other subject I've neglected. Petey is the new Rat
Terrier in the family. Instead of baking Dinah a cake for
her first birthday, my mother brings home a brother for
her. Actually, both my mother and I brought him home. I
only thought that we were going to look at him. However,
Mom took one look at him and fell in love. I must admit, I
did too. But I didn't think she'd flash two fifties in the
woman's face and hand him to me! As of October 11, he's
been a permanent fixture in the family, though. Whenever
Dad shows up he's really mean to him. He shouldn't take
out his anger on a harmless puppy. Anyhoo, enough about my
dad. Pete is a cutie pie, even though he's been difficult
to potty train. Not as difficult as Tenacious D, but he
has a poop problem. It's not as hard to deal with as my
other problems, however.

I only worked from three to eight this evening. Yes!
Shoes rocks! And only eight to four tomorrow!

I heard that S's brother-in-law died yesterday. He
fell into a furnace. The horrible thing is, he was
actually doing much better than expected until the other
day, when he contracted a lung infection. It moved to his
heart as well, and rumour has it that he passed away. I
think the rumour is true. I'm going to send S a sympathy
card and bake something. It's the least I can do. I love
her so much; I don't want to see her sad. She's been my
confidante for so long, I think I owe her something.

Well, I think I'm done for today. I must admit that I
still haven't had the courage to write about what I've been
meaning to for several days. I'm afraid to put it in
writing; then not only will it be damning evidence but what
I've been suspecting...oh, it'll be self-evident that it's
true. I wish it weren't. Maybe I'll get up the guts to
write tomorrow after work. Until then or whenever I remain
the oddball