.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-23 02:23:27 (UTC)

Over OVer THis Game is Over

so alyssa and i straight hung today, for like an hour and a
half, it was good bonding we talked about boys and music
and clint and music and emo among topics. i miss her
sometimes. anyway, crew is gonna be Eh, we left at 8 today
and cruised to Borders past painters crossing and saw some
boys and hung and such, good times, talked a lot about
boys, lot about movies and girls and clint and zac. then we
straight roled out of there, aparently aj works right next
store, were gonna visit him one day. so eff AOL keep
signin my ass off.

anyway, i have some homework to do but fuck it, i need to
call TJ its important, i also need to sleep, im better,
maybe no longer dying.

comfortablility, i think i feel more comfortble around
marcus than i ever had ever before in my life, and thats a
good thing. good. yeah, i need some cash, money hoes WHAT,
no maybe just hte mons, im goin mad broke, if anyone knows
where i can sell my body for $, let me know, cause im
desperate. i may work at that ghetto candy shop and drill
my mind and body out with sugar infested boredom, but hey,
under the table cash isnt that shady.

im audi 5000. kisses to all.

hey, by the way, my life is complete, rescue the past is
playing friday, i suppose i WILL see them one more time
before the heroin takes over. off.