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2001-10-23 01:45:54 (UTC)

it starts with one

first off let me begin by sayin Im new at this and have
never kept a diary.in fact diary sounds kinda girlish so
lets call it A journal.without gettin personal lets say
that today sucked I feel as if this whole world has got a
pillow over my face and is sufforcating me so ill start by
telling everyone to back the fuck up you dont know me and
no I dont owe you a motha fuckin thing now that i have my
space and i can breathe again let me tell you a little bout
me I've had a rough ride and kept all this shit bottled way
down inside and Im hoping this helps me to vent. in this
life I've tied the Knot then untied it but not before
making to beautiful boys that we will call my sanity.this
world is lucky cause if it wasnt for those 2 boys youd
probably have another Timothy Mcveigh on your hands. they
taught me how to love and what its like to be loved. Ive
also start4ed my own bussiness that could not survive this
economy and did a few years in the slammer.these things are
all part of what I am today some were the right choices
some were not but needless to say they were all mine.A
friend of mine told me once if you cant say what you want
withoput losing your composure you lost that battle.for
those of you who decide to continue reading what i have to
say you;ve made a wise choice for my words are
knowledgable,but not the kind you find in a book.its the
kinda shit you learn on this journey we call life.until
you've walked a mile in my shoes please dont prejudge me!
Keep your heads up

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