Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
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2001-10-23 01:40:43 (UTC)

"Hi I'm Leah and I'm an E-Tard"

Ok, so right now my poor roomate is feeling pretty shitty
because her mother is crying on the phone about her abusive
husband. I want to help her, but there is nothing I can
do! Ever since we did E, she has been depressed.... and
look at this, we're doing more e this weekend! lol! Not a
smart idea, but hey, that's life.... I knew what I was
getting into when I started.... "hi, my name is Leah and
I'm an E-Tard"... shoot me!

K guys, it's been three days, and Chance the fucker hasn't
called! "Maybe he's shy!" says Scott, well maybe guys are
retarded!!!! If anyone would have seen how sweet and how
much I heard that night that he liked me from his friends,
there is no way he wouldn't call! Men are
impossible......Like, COME ON!!!!!!! All i need to do is
remember that fucking club he told me his band was playing
at on saturday..... then I could go and see what's
up.....If anyone lives in london ont. and knows where an
alternative/grunge band would be playing, then fucking tell

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