Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-10-23 01:37:53 (UTC)

^sob sob^

how sad of a day! darren cut his hair! its so sad, i liked
his long hair, i mean, its not increadibly short, but too
short for me! But I can live, cause i care about him for
his inner self, now who his exterior has made him appear to
be. i am happy with him, like really happy, but it seems
that whenever i seem to start caring for a guy in this way,
they run away... so i dont want him to run away, so i dont
tell him how much i care, which leaves me subject to be
hurt emensly in the future... so will made me promise to
tell him how i feel at the party on sat. I am so scared!
almost as scared as when i got up and sang in front of the
open mic people. what do i do, how? damn will, making me
make promises like that, damn him all to "heaven"

ohh, and on the up side, since i didnt say it before, i am
passing everything and ashley is back in ca

and BTW i am NOT a mole!! grrr!!!!