2001-10-23 00:57:40 (UTC)

and I'm spent

I've had this built up, pissed off feeling all day and I
have no idea why. I just got back from working out so
hopefully I've burnt all that crappy energy off. I'm so
sick of school right now. Everyday seems so pointless.
I'm not even sure what I want to do anymore. Fuck class
and damn the man!
This has been a really shitty two weeks. My mom calls
and drops a huge bomb on me. Apparently my family life is
falling apart. My grandma who has leukemia has recently
gotten really sick. It pisses me off because my
grandparents never let anyone know about anything until
it's really serious. Then I find out that my aunt and
uncle are separating. They haven't been married for very
long and they just had a baby last year. All along I've
always been so set on marriage and kids but this has really
unnerved me. I don't want to end up married with kids and
hating my life. I want a family but it seems like a whole
trade off of happiness. I don't know what I want anymore.
I guess I really don't know anybody my age who actually
knows what they want.


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