Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-10-23 00:56:35 (UTC)

i have no clue as to what to put for a title

So there! Yeah. Anyway...I went out to do some tumbling
on the trampoline earlier. Started with a couple of back
handsprings to warm up and then onto front tucks. Well, I
had a small balance problem on one side so I went to
another part of the tramp where I could balance on the edge
and hold onto a twig to balance myself. That's when I said
something to myself like "You're a gymnast, this should be
easy!" When of course at that moment Jeremy walked by. I
don't care that he heard me talk to myself but the fact
that he works here and can and will be invited in to lunch
on days we don't have school is just...weird. But let's
not think of him anymore! Okie dokie?
Sorry a bit hyper there cuz I love this song!!!!! Billy
Gilman's "She's Everything You Want" (Kaitlyn don't think
naughty things! :)) (Rhen, shut up, don't diss what I like!)

Yay! Beth's gonna pray for me! That makes me feel good!
Uh oh...I should call Jamie and see if she's sick!