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2001-10-23 00:52:45 (UTC)

Hot tub fun

this weekend I went to New Mexico. The hotel I stayed at
had a hot tub. As time wet by, more and more people left,
until I was the only one left. Feeling a bit horny, I
decided to see how the jets felt. :) As I raised up and
placed my pussy near the jet, I got more horny. The jset
pulsing felt so good. AS I moved around, the jet felt
better and better. Suddenly I arched my back and came,
moaning slightly in my comfort. I sat in the water a few
more minutes to relax and calm down. When I went back to
the room, I fondled myslef for a few minutes before falling
into a relaxed sleep. I know what I'll do next time I have
the hot tub all to myself, or maybe with others. ;)

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