Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
2001-10-23 00:33:51 (UTC)

Bee-bop and goo-goo ga joob

I am SO FREAKIN' TIRED!! man! I can't believe how tired I
am today, sheesh! I never did so muh work at uni in one
single day, I can assure you. From the top: I got up early,
went to uni for a class of design workshop; after we all
got there, our teachers told us that our homeworks were
nothing more than PURE CRAP! yeah, OK, they've said that
before; they said that they noticed how lazy we are at this
time o' year, considering how hard working (^^) we were at
the beginning; so, they decided that we should work all day
today, hence, they sent us to the beach that's like 15
minutes from Uni, and draw sketches, with their proper
observations, about moevement of the ocean, the sand, and
the wind and all things related. That was a 2 hour study,
sort of speak, and then we got back to Uni, displayed our
sketches, and our teachers sent us to work on creating a
corporate image that was supposed to perfectly represent
certain qualities from a classmate, in order to design
something based on real concepts. Mine didn't turn out so
bad. I worked with a friend of mine (the one who looks a
little like Dustin Hoffman -specially in The Graduate and
such- ^^), as I did his image and he did mine; I kinda
liked the one I did for him, but I definitely didn't like
the one he did for me: it didn't say 'me' at all! It was
nothing like ME!!!! I was talking to him after we finished,
and he mentioned my qualities, from his point of view, and
they were nothing like me. Well, some of 'em was, but the
image he did for me was red, and I'm nothing like red, and
he said that that particular colour came from the fact that
I was a secure person. "What!?" I said. If there's a word
to absolutely describe me, is 'INsecure!!'. And that's
the main reason for that image, to be totally wrong. He
said that he understood, and that he actually believed that
I was never sure of anything...indeed, when he
said 'secure', he actually meant that I always stood up for
everything I believed, no matter what other people said to
my face. And that's right. When I think I'm right, I am.
But I'm very shy...Well, then we had class (based on that
work), and then they gave us another homework (for
thrusday, luckyly), and then I went home. My head and feet
hurt a great deal...if you just read all this, you deserve
yet another ice cream sunday; go have one NOW!!