Pandora's Book
2001-10-22 23:58:17 (UTC)

Reality bites

Oct 22, 01

I'm so depressed. I'm most utterly confused and saddened by
the break up of The Moffatts. So maybe I'm just another love
sick teenybopper- or maybe not. The Moffatts may not have
been special to you, or anybody else, but they meant
something to me. Actually they meant the world to me. And
now that they are gone how am I supposed to live? My every
hour revolved around them. On the Moffatt messageboard,
listening to Moffatt CD's, writing Moffatt fan fiction and
dreaming Moffatt fantasies is how I spent my time... Now I
am hating them! I dont want to look at them, I dont want to
listen to them, I dont want to think of them! Because if I
do I will most surely break into tears. How dare they leave
me, one of their biggest fans with such a horrible lingering
feeling of bewilderment. Not one word did they or have they
said about their break up. I want to know what is going on.
I think I deserve at least that much. No matter what though,
I will never be able to forget about Scott, Clint, Bob and
Dave. "I cant kill myself... I have to go to one more
concert". I owe them that much- my life. But I'm scared;
what do I have to look forward to now?

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