~Jessies Diary~
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2001-10-22 23:45:50 (UTC)

My life- Jessica xoxo

My name is Jessica and I live in Tennessee. I have 1
brother, named sean, and 1 sister, named erica. My moms
name is Sheila, and my REAL dad's name is Billy. My
stepdad's name is jeb. Im in the 8th grade and I attend Roy
Waldron school. Im 13 bout 2 be 14 on December 13. I am in
softball and Volleyball, in the FCA.My best friends are
Mallory,Amber and Lauren. My current boyfrined is John.(
we've gone out 7 times already!!!) My favorite aunt is my
Aunt Patty!! She is 42 but she acts 18!!! My lil gurl-
thats what I call her- is Brandy , I babysit her. Well I'm
kind of having boy problems cuz Im goin out w/ John, but I
REALLY like a guy named Jesse. Well anyhow enough about me,
if you have any questions about me just e-mail me at
[email protected]
I will be happy to answer any and help you with your
problems, too! I guess I'll holla at cha layta! Oh also im
in the Tsa and I work in the library at my school during
study hall! Oh and i have Blond hair, baby blue eyes, I'm
bout 5'5 and weigh about 113.