Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2001-10-22 23:39:54 (UTC)

just another typical weekend

well if anyone has a large family it's me. My father is the
youngest of 6 kids. four girls, and two boys. they are all
married, and all except one have at least two kids, and half
of them have kids. And we all get together every christmas
and summer. My mothers family on the other hand pretty much
refuse that I exist. because I'm not directly named after one
of her family. they do things like send my sister presents
for birthdays and hanukah but not me, or send me a card for
my birthday with a check addressed to my sister. ( who is
directly named after my mothers grandfather) Anyway they're
not who I came to write about. 16 of my aunts and uncles came
down to our one story house from New York for five days! god
help me! only one of them actually stayed with us though. In
my room. So I had to bunk with my 11 year old sister! fun!
um, no. The others stayed at the comfort inn on the beach.
Everything was fun for the most part. My uncle is probably
the funniest person you'll ever meet. Saturday night I went
to see my best friend in fortenbras, at fccj. Afterward we
went to a party, it was pretty fun for the most part. the
usual pot, and alcohol. I had a few drinks and my friend
smoked out for the first time. I made the mistake of mixing
margaritas, with rum and coke, and cosmopolitans. oooh that
hurts! After my best friend kris and I went home I was wide
awake, so I got on the Internet, and talked to random people
until after 3 in the morning. but I did end up cussing some
pervert out, and making a friend. even though he's older.
it's all good. then I slept for three or four hours and went
to brunch. with my sixteen relatives. oh boy, you know I was
feeling good! then I cleaned for hours, and hours. and fell
asleep early. gee I wonder why?

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