emo kween

i hug pillows
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2001-10-22 22:26:53 (UTC)

just woke up

time: 6ish in the pm
current mood: tired, yet quite giddy
song of the day: threesome/fenis tx

halloooo....i just woke up. i didnt even wanna take a nap
today, but i just laid on my bed and there i went...but i
needed it, i havent slept in days. haha. and no one is
really oneline. welp, not the person who i want to be
on...but anyhoo. :) today was just hmmm....no word for it.
i mean it was ok but it wasnt great or horrible...although
mrs barcliff gave me a huge headache talkin allllll bell.
sheesh. my mum isnt home or my brother. no idea where they
went. and chloe is outside and my daddy is up to something
on his computer. and i hope belos not as upset as she was
last nite about that whole dumb mess cuz its not true and
yea....i hope thats settled. and i hope that scott is ok
and not so mad/sad/upset/whatever cuz i miss him as a
friend yet at the same time i know i cant tell him some of
the things that happen to me that make me sooo
happy..hopefully some day in a few months i can...whee. ok
so im gonna go now....so later...