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2001-10-22 22:04:12 (UTC)

i heart him...

i'm home now. still in a good mood. but i don't know where
to start on my homework...

i've been thinking about nothing but my boyfriend all day.
i wonder how he's feeling. he was feeling sick. i wish that
i were with him right now because he says that he's lonely.
i guess it's mostly because of friends because that's what
he's told me. i don't think that i can picture him by
himself, mostly because he's a real great guy and partly
because it hurts me to picture him sitting alone. i was
talking to him last night on the phone and he heard me cry
for the first time. i'm not sure if that's a good thing for
him, i'm not sure if he wanted to hear me cry. it might
have been a bad thing for me to have let him hear me
cry...he was singing me a song he wrote and while i was
listening to him play and sing i was looking at a picture
frame that my friend gave me for my birthday in sophmore
year. on the picture frame said the words, "best friends".
she moved last week without saying goodbye...he asked me
how i felt about the song and i tried to explain to him but
i just started to cry. i didn't even feel it coming. he
brought out a feeling in me that i didn't even know i had
for my friend. i miss her and i love him.