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2001-10-22 21:40:56 (UTC)

Too marvelous for words.

This is shamelessly stolen from Nick, who borrowed it from
Ben, who borrowed it from two other people.

What time is it: 1:49 p.m.
What is the date: 22 October 2001
Name: Lara
Sex: Chick.
Birthday: 20 May 2001
Where do you live: Port Orchard.
Where else have you lived: I spent some time in Olalla one
What state: WA
Zodiac Sign: I just found out that I'm on a cusp.
Appearently, I can be either Taurus or whatever comes after
it. Gemini, right?
Nicknames: Hollywood and Nails.
Do you have a b/f or g/f: Yeah, but I don't think I really
want one anymore.
Who is it: This kid named Eric.
Where were you born: Tacoma, WA
What hospital: Tacoma General Hospital.
What are your hobbies: I take naps, I make collages, I
write music.
Hair color: Naturally brown.
Ever dyed your hair: Various shades of blonde and white,
and pink.
Hair length: It's growing, man. It's probably about five
or six inches past my shoulders now.
Eye color: Brown.
Height: 5'3" (in boots I'm 5'3"!)
Have any pets: I have a dog whom I call Bacho, and there's this
cat next door I hang out with, and I call him Hector The
Wonder Cat.
Siblings: Sheryl.
Do you have glasses: I stole these safety glasses from the
shop class in high school, and I wear them sometimes.
Shoe size: 7
Day of the week: Fridays.
Holiday: Thanksgiving.
Season: Winter.
Month: November.
Actress: I dunno.
Actor: Michael J. Fox.
T.V. show: Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, and Home Movies.
Food: Pierogies.
Drink: Chai lattes!
Band: Fountains Of Wayne, Fake I.D., Me First and the Gimme
Gimmes... there's too many to choose!
Male singer: It's a toss up between Frank Sinatra and David Bowie.
Female singer: Britney Spears is my hero. haha
Word: Totally.
Brand of shoes: Nice.
Room in your house: My bedroom, even though it's cold as
fuck and has an odd smell.
Concert: Honestly, it was the NSYNC concert I went to,
like, a year ago. It just kicked too much ass to ignore.
CD: Prozzak - Saturday People.
Friends: I exploit all of my friends for rides to Burger
Best friend: It's all about April, even thogh she doesn't have a car.
Do you make friends easily: Nah. After I got a job, I
started hating people, and it all went down hill from there.
Who do you think would help you the most if you were in
trouble: I dreamt I grew a beard of hamburger last night,
shaved it off and ate it.
Jeans or Khakis: Denim.
Comedy or Drama: Comedy.
Computer or TV: Television.
Gold or Silver: Gold.
Outgoing or Shy: Way outgoing.
Tall or Short: Short people got no reason to live.
Day or Night: Nighttime.
Radio or Cd's: Cd's.
Internet or Phone: Internet, although I refuse to chat.
Happy or sad: Happy works for me.
Guy or girl: I like boys.
Cute: Yep. (I don't get it, either.)
Tough or wimpy: I'm a big wimp.
Funny or hilarious: Funny. But like the dumb funny.
Summer or winter: Totally winter.
Love or lust: I quit believing in love, but even lust can
be a bitch sometimes.
Friends or family: Friends. If your family is any good,
they'll double role it.
Car or truck: Truck.
Dog or cat: Totally, 100% dogs. Cats are nasty.
Walk or run: Walk.
Hurricane or Tornado: Hurricane.
Coffee or tea: Coffee.
Coke or pepsi: Coke.
Black or white: White.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.
Diary or journal: Journal. I'm *so* switching to
LiveJournal asap.
Writing or typing: Writing.
Cold or hot: Hot.
Pen or pencil: Pen.
Candle or insence: Inscense and peppermints. haha
Plain paper or lined paper: Lined paper.
Blonde or brunette: Blondes. (Like I care.)
Curly or straight: Whatever works.
Blanket or sleeping bag: Sleeping bags.
Shower or bath: Shower.
Body wash or soap: Soap.
Purfume or Body spray: Body spray.
Wal-mart or target: Target.
Pop tart or toaster strudels: Pop tarts.
MTV or VH1: They're both equally crappy. I love Rock and
Roll jepordy, but I'm addicted to that Real show.
Shorts or pants: Pants.
Tank tops or t-shirts: T-shirts.
Markers or colored pencils: Pencils.
Boxers or briefs: Uhm?
Army or Navy: The Army.
Striped or plaid: Striped.
Innie or outie: Ew! Innies.
SNL or mad tv: SNL.
Drummers or guitar players: There's something about
drummers. Drummers named Joel... hmmmm....
Do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: There's no
winning there!
What do you think love is: Love is something a couple of
fools made up to give other people something to worry
about. Goddam love.
How long have you been together: Since, like, July or
First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Johnson.
Last song you sang: Sinatra's "Let's Fall In Love."
Last time you bled: Last night, when I got pierced by a
drag queen in the backyard. I'm still feeling it, too.
Cd in your CD player: Prozzak's Saturday People.
Kids names girls: Olympia.
Kids names boys: Zeus, Rupert, and Eli.
Stayed up all night on the internet: The last day in spring break
when I forced myself to do the dumb report on The Walden II Commune.
Do you like your handwriting: It's lovely.
Do you have any piercings: Several.
Ever worn black nail polish: Sure.
Do you have your own tv and vcr: Yep.
What is your last name backwards: Xame. haha
AIM or MSN Messenger? Blah blah.
Sun or Moon? Moon.
Christmas or Your Birthday? Birthdays.
Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop? Yep.
Flirting or a good conversation? I flirt by nature. I
can't help it.
What time is it: 2:42 p.m.