Worrys of a Teen gurl
2001-10-22 21:36:32 (UTC)


I'm in love. But not with my boyfriend. Yes I love my
boyfriend but I don't love him in the way I would like to.
My old friend has told me that he loves me in a way that he
shouldn't do and the thing is I feel the same for him. He
told me that he has loved me since we first met and was
going to ask me out but thought I wouldn't want to because
he thought I just wanted to be friends. The thing is I
thought exactley the same as that! He told me he was really
sorry for telling me it all as he knew that nothing could
ever come of it as we are both in relationships with other
people. I wish something could come of it but I dont want
to hurt my boyfriend. My boyfriend was my first kiss and I
really enjoyed it but I cant help but feel strongly for my
friend. He told me that he was really upset when he found
out that he could of had that one thing he really wanted
for so long and he didn't realise it. I fear I am going to
do something that I shouldn't and I really don't want to.