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2001-10-22 20:55:52 (UTC)

The Red, the Blue, the Pissed-Off...

We're learning about the Revolutionary War in history right
now. We have these reports that we're doing (i think i've
explained them... hmm...well, anyway...) and Spooner said
they're due December 1st. Well, I said "that's way too
long" and he changed it to November 26. (I wasn't the only
one who complained that that was too long, to note.) And so
the rest of the class starts bitching to Spooner about how
that's not enough time, and not to listen to me, just b/c
I'm smart. Grr... WE STILL HAVE OVER A MONTH!!!! I don't
know what the big deal is. And the cool thing was that
while the rest of the class was angrily bitching over
what "I" did, he told me that he knew I could handle it in
a short period of time, but that the rest of my classmates
didn't care enough to put that kind of work into it.
Being smart sucks sometimes. Grr... people seem to think
I read dictionarys and encclopedias for fun... which I
don't. I didn't catch everything that they were yelling at
me today, but I knew there had to have been some sort of
explicit in there. At least Spooner thinks alot of me.
hey, that's a plus.
Band was okay, except for this horrible NW iowa wind!! It
makes it nearly impossible to catch any flags, especially
since they haven't been weighted yet... Karin and Mari
told me that people thought I "needed to learn how to
catch". Bullshit. I blame it on the wind. It whips the
poles around so badly!!!

"you've got it all wrong, you're misunderstanding"

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