edy's life
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2001-10-22 20:55:28 (UTC)

noone to come home to

i come home after work and i realize theres noone there to
ask how my day was
i Come home hungry i come home tired and i have to eat alone
im exhausted and im dirty so i take a lonly shower and
fall into an empty bed
i sit alone and whatch some tv and theres noone to laugh
with ..... soo alone

i knoew im still so young but i just wish i could be older
i want a life i need somone to need me i kinda wana get
seriosu i dono i dont want to sound concided but theres a
couple girls who like me and all they worrie about is rumors
would they really wana be serious i mean im not gona be
serisopu but i dono i just need to be liek neeeded i need
somoen to depend on me somoen to cry with me and i dono
liek be intamitye make love not have sex love not just to
have sex i wana have my own life with only one personto
help me threw it somoen to be faitful to i thikn thats what
i want