My Life.............
2001-10-22 20:52:52 (UTC)


went to bingo lastnight, i won 3 times.LOL i couldnt
believe it, came home with over a hundred dollars, only
cost me 25 to play, i felt bad cause i never go to bingo
and all those other people go like every week....
Jeffy hasnt been online yet, wonder where hes at,
hmmmmm..:) oh well, im sure he will pop on some time today,
if not maybe tomorrow, really dont care that much, but, id
to like to see him online.:)
got a letter from Cory today, ahhhh Cory, my sweetie, hes
so cute.:) got anotehr letter to, it was weird, it was
written in marker and i couldnt read it, the guy gave me
his phone number, and on the front of the envelope was just
my first name and addy. i do know his first name is mark
and hes from Kansas, just weird, dont know how he got my
address, i hope i dont hear from him again, i have NO idea
who he is, i was a little afraid to open the envelope, so
Roy is like i will, and i said no i will.LOL
anywho, gotto go get me some supper ready.:)

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