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2001-10-22 20:48:56 (UTC)

something cool happened at the movies..

Something cool happened at the movies the other night! One
of those spontaneous things, that when you are a part of
it, it feels so great! :)

I had won tickets (yes another winning stint on the morning
show of the radio telling a funny story.. ;) to a movie
premiere of the new Michael Douglas movie, "Don't say a
word" (I think that was the name.. )

Anyhow, it's a thriller (good plot!) and at a particularly
tense, scary, thrilling moment of the movie.. where his
wife was in bed (without giving too much of the storyline
away..) and the baddies called her on the phone, basically
letting her know they were watching her, while she was
watching television.

It was a tense moment. Quite chilling really. And it then
showed what she was watching on tv.. and there on the
screen was Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter! lol

And the whole cinema.. together as one.. we all cracked up
laughing!! :) It was the coolest thing.

(As you may know, ergot, the croc hunter is a local
here.. :) His Australia Zoo is here where I live..

The movie continued.. the chilling moment shattered by our
collective feeling of pride and comic relief.. there's our
boy steve!! lol

It was such a fun thing to be a part of. :)

Spontaneous, Shared, and lasted for about a minute!



(hurry home.. :)