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2001-10-22 20:45:39 (UTC)

Winding down

I can't believe this quarter has gone by so quickly. It's
already the 8th week and the middle of October. This
quarter has been up and down. Mostly it's my fault, I just
can't get over everything that's in my head.
It started out good, I actually liked being at school.
Life with the roommate was unbelievably better. I really
do think that her getting laid on a regular basis helps her
personality. I wasn't stressing over school or matt. Then
it all just hit me at once. Alan was worried about his
classes and seemed a little distant. Then it all went to
hell. I was right back to last year. I couldn't eat or
sleep. I cried at the drop of a hat. I just couldn't get
a hold on myself. It scares me so much when that happens.
I can feel myself sinking deeper and deeper and I just want
to scream. I'm not going to end up like my dad. Pissed
off and never happy. I just can't deal with everything.
It's been slowly better the last couple of weeks. I've
just decided I'm not going to drive myself crazy over shit
that's not going to happen. I've vented for enough today.
I'm off for a prozac prescription :)