CrAzY LiFe!!
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2001-10-22 20:43:06 (UTC)


Finally a comp. again!!! YAY!! Anywho...I'm talking 2 Cody
hes so cute! Hes got a really nice butt 2! lol but Guess
what?!?!?! I'm like so so so so happy right now!! My ex
boyfriend, jay, that moved away this summer is gunna be at
his cousin's house who I know so I told him I wanna come
over this weekend and I think Ben might just actually take
me there!!! Oh I cant wait!! I cant wait!!! I really miss
him! and I'm like still in love w/ him lol! But ya know oh
well. I mean hes so funny even though hes not totally like
the best b/f! But who cares! He was the longest
relationship I was ever in! 5 1/2 months! Pretty short but
hey its my longest I feel proud of my slef! But god I hope
I see him! It would be the shit cuz Ben said he would drive
me up there actually he didn't I ujst asked him and I think
he will or else I'll make him he knows how much Jay means 2
me! So yea I better be able 2 see him or I'll at least get
2 talk 2 him that aint 2 bad now....I guess but I'm gunna
go peace!!