The Daily Babble
2001-10-22 20:34:06 (UTC)

A new addition to the family...

Well my date with Jeff last week went really well, we went
to the movies [saw "Joy Ride"...very good movie!!] and hung
out at a Starbucks until it was time to go home. It was a
lot of fun just relaxing like that.

Thursday was classes and Friday was just work and watching
a movie with the family.

Saturday was a really good day...My family was coming over
with my new "sister-in-law" [Erica]...All day, I cleaned
and helped my mom cook. Finally my family arrived at
6:30. My "sister-in-law" is really nice! She totally got
along with everyone and she loved my mom's cooking! I
think everyone liked her and it was really good seeing my
cousin so happy! They're going to come again in a month or

Sunday, I went shopping with Vikas and we bought a plant
and went to the rug store and then just came home. I tried
to do some work and kept slacking...But what can you do,
right? =-)

Today, I've been exchanging emails with my cousin and my
Erica, so that's really cool. And I have an exam in a few
hours...Fun stuff. Other than that, things have been
pretty slow.

Oh good news!!! This Wednesday, instead of meeting up by
Jeff's work, we're going to meet up at NJIT and drive down
to his house in his car cuz I'm gonna spend the night!
Woohoo. We're just going to go out to dinner and maybe
rent a movie or something...I wanted to go out, but he has
work in the morning and I have classes, so that's that.
But it will be nice to finally be together. I hope my cold
goes away by then!

Well that's all for today!