Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-22 20:18:51 (UTC)

Totally hot !

hey everyone !
Sup ? Not much ! I am so happy ! My old small group leader
from my church Jenny talked to my friend Becca last night
and Becca told her how upset I was over some stuff ( adam
and steph ) and my mom told me I was getting my haircut but
what I didn't know is Jenny was going to pick me up and
take me to Heidi Christines for a haircut, highlight and
massage ! AHH! It was so much fun !She picked came to my
house and was like " hey girlie ready ?! " and I was like "
ready for ? " she goes " oh I am taking you out for a
suprise ! " and I was like " ok " ! And we went into H.C.
and they were like well " where do you wanna start?! " and
I waslike " huh ?" and Jenny goes " What should we start
with ? Massage ? Hair cut ? Highlights ? You pick ! " I
waslike "OMG are you serious ?! " and she was like " Yea
you need some cheering up cause your friends upset you so
much so I figured I would treat! " ahhh ! How sweet is
she ?! So anyways we spent like 2 hours there ! haha! and
H.C is like a super expensive place to get all this stuff
done! and we both got a massage, highlights and a haircut !
Ahhhhh !It was so much fun ! I told her the whole story
about adam , steph, chris ! My hair looks totally hot and
I feel so much better !Totally cured ! ! Ahhh ! I am so
happy ! OK well I gotta bounce !