Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-10-22 20:14:19 (UTC)

My skool...

Is like, losin money fast. We were a poor school to begin
with, but we get our money from tourism, and tourism is
down. So, like, theyre talkin bout like, cutting out extra
cirricular activities... already JV coaches arent getting
paid. *sighs* Theyre also saying theyll send half the
school to jenkins, and half to bartow... or like, a four
day week, were we go to skool 7-4 or sumthin like that...
its so knutz. I like MHS. Its not that bad. Its purdy
cool. Some of the teachers are like, not cool... but the
skool itself aint half bad.

Daddy emailed me. He asked me to forgive him. I dont care
about lee ann. I dont want him to ruin their lives. I
dont want him to beat them like he did us. I dont want
them to get treated so horribly... i hope shes just after
his money and leaves him... i know thats horrible... but
like, theyre not even married and they already have family
discussions... family discussions are so gay. Thats were
dad sits at the head of the table, and expects everyone to
sit there and listen to him tell everyone they are wrong
and he is right, and to listen to each other, and then
there is a giant screaming match. I can tell he doesnt
like her much. Hes waiting til the marrage, then she sees
the real him, the kids see the real him. I dont want
amanda to turn out like me! So messed up inside!! I mean,
gosh... those poor kids... Jason left cuz he couldnt stand
daddy beating him anymore... dad could get violent. He
used to like, slam stuff, gosh... i try to delete the
memories of childhood... thats what i do, i block out the
negative... thats what depresses me so much... i dont deal
with the issues, i hide them away. I cover up the bad with
the good, which i why i seem so happy and stuff on the
outside. On the inside, geeze, you dont wanna go there.
But I look happy and seem happy cuz thats my personality,
im a happy person. i dont deal well sad. I liek to help
people. :) I cant if im all depressed and junk. :-P I
just hope their marrage doesnt work... NOW, not later, not
after all the pain....