Journey to Me
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2001-10-22 20:06:35 (UTC)

kentucky thrills, NC chills

this weekend, actually thursday, my old roomate and i took
a little road trip from school in NC to KY to see a friend
from last year. Amber is one of my best friends and after
living beside her for a year and being with her all the
time, it was hard to let her go back home. she knows so
much more about me than anyother of my friends and although
i've only know her a year, it was like we've known
eachother forever. i was so scared that when she moved back
home that we would lose contact after a while and fall
apart, but we've worked hard at staying in touch. it's
actually not such a chore, we call eachother several times
a month, sometimes more or less. we email and such, but
each time we alway pick up where we left off, like we still
live such a short distance away. she came to see me on my
birthday in may (she'd been gone for about a month) and
then we went this past week to see her. we had the best
time, partying and meeting new people, but mostly just
hanging out like we used to. it was like nothing had really
changed, and i hope it never does! we've already made plans
to see eachother in about a month, so that should be great
too. i love amber so much and miss her being close, but i
know that we will always remain friends.

This trip Maris and i got a lot closer too. yes we lived
together for a year and we have become close this year,
just hangin out together, but it's amazing how much you can
learn about a person on a 6 1/2 hour car ride. i'm glad
that we are close now and it helps to have someont to talk
to that actually listens and understands what you are going
through. even if she doens't quite agree with me, she
supports my decisions. love her for that. think we're gonna
have a LOT of fun in the next few years. hell, we're gonna
have a blast tonight! (wink wink across the street it is)
and i know that we too will remain life ling friends.

the boyfriend just left to go to fla. for a week. glad for
the break, but feel guilty and sad and weird. but that's
something that i don't have the time to type or the will
to. so you'll hear about it later.

all in all today has been a good day.