even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-10-22 19:38:44 (UTC)

how much time?

so im in photo, i need to make a contact sheet, so im just
waiting until the dark room is open... ive had an odd
day... ive bee kinda looopy all day, joselin stayed at my
hous elast night cayse danny wouldn;t come get her and we
talked with lee and went ot the park and it was fun.. lee
is kind ofoutof control sometimes, and reckless, and inwk
that we've talked before baout you know... um.. unnecasary
risks, but.. what ever... it was fun.. so kellys was fun
last night, but kind of once i was int hat kind of ick
mood, i kind of stayed there, and neily barbequed for us...
and he had veggie burgers, kelly had a rela hamburger it
was weird, but josleina nd i had veggie burgers and they
were mad gross... like, serious, my stomch hurt so bad...
still kinda does,it was ridiculous... but it was nice of
him, he does that everyso often.. and sara was there, and
she wa slike, im gonna be the mom, here, have some
veggatavbles... and also yesterday mom let mehave the car
and we droveino cedar park, we went to sam and joshes
house, and saw josh, and he was kinda mad at kelly, and he
was like, yea im not gonan come out tonight, but htey did,
not james htough,c ause htere was no room, or soemthing,
but he wasn;t there, but other waise... they skated for
alittle bit in the street out front and it was fun, i like
it when they skate, man, i liek boys that skate, these guys
are so great, imso happy that i get to hang out with them,i
really am.. its so great...i was htinking today baout how
sometimes im like, im so happy im so happpy, but then
sometimes im so sad, but it hink that my friends, while
osmetimes they caus em .. i ahte to say heartache, but they
really stress meout osemimtes, even though alot of teh
stress might be in my head, well.. i made a face as i
typed that, i don;t know, but my friends, really are the
best.. jeff was in town this weekend, and it made me think
abotu plano and how much i hate it there, and how even when
i do nothing here, i do it with better people.. i talked to
ashley last night and she wa slike, yea me and brian we're
gonan g o see live,a nd iwas like yea they are good on
stage, other than begin pompous, and then iw alsike, yea
isaw incubus, and i think im ight go see 311, and she was
like, yea well.. you go see alot of concerts... and tshe
was describing a homecomign week to me and she waslik mehhh
i have things to do eveyday! and its like, i have things to
do everyday everyday, all day, everyweek, all the time, but
its so fun.. ti really is.. wow... ok.. so today is a good
day... i didn;t get to really see the sun, cause it hink
it was foggy this mornign, but, i know it was there...

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