kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2001-10-22 19:37:15 (UTC)


Ok, I went home this weekend for the first time this year.
I didn't spend much time at home though. I left here Friday
afternoon and headed home. That night I went to Jay's house
to meet up with John, Thomas, and Miranda. We had pizza and
then went ice skating. I haven't been in years. John said
he'd even go again... We had a pretty good time and then
went back to Jay's house. I surprised everyone with brownies.

Saturday I was suppoed to meet John at his work, but Dave
called him so he hadn't left his house yet. Instead I tried
to make my way to his house. I hadn't ever driven there
myself so I wasn't 100% sure how to get there. I have to
drive it first so I can remember.

I got confused and thought he said 53 instead of 35 so I
turned at the first 53rd street I saw and instantly knew it
was wrong. I called him back and figured out it was 35 so I
made it there just fine. We went out to lunch, over to drop
some stuff off at his work and then back to his place to
watch a movie. His Mom made us chili soup. He's made it
before. Her version wasn't as hot, but it had lots of
garlic. It was really good, totally different from his so
it's all good. I didn't have to answer the which one was
better question because they were so different.

I got home late that night again. Then on Sunday we went
out with Jay, Miranda, Thomas and Misty. Jay wants to hook
Thomas and Misty up, but I don't know how well that will go.
We ended up going shopping and just hanging out. Misty had
such a good time she invited Thomas to a halloween party...I
don't know if he'll go or not...

I ordered some backstreet boys photocards last week. They
should be here any day now. I'm excited. They are my main
music interest right now. They only group I'm totally into.
Just so you know I HATE NSYNC! I think they have some good
songs, but it's their attitudes that rub me the wrong way.
I can't stand to listen to them talk. Usually it comes
across to me as if they think they're better than everyone else.

They drive me up the wall, always have always will.
Backstreet on the other hand used to annoy me, but I fell
for "I Want it That Way" and haven't looked back. Ok, the
song got me and then I saw how totally hot Brian is and
things just went from there.

I've been a fan since 1999 and proud of it! Their music
does something to me that no other group can. Usually when
I'm down it picks me up unless I'm too far out of it. Last
year I went through a this music is all lies faze and was
basicly mad at the world too. It wasn't pretty. I hope it
doesn't happen again. I was a total wreck.

Now I'm off to class...