Dreamers Girl

girlz got it rough
2001-10-22 19:30:45 (UTC)

The call

The hottest guy in the class and I never get along, cuz you
know he calls me a dyke I call him a slut (I've enver been
that great with comebacks) so yesterday well cleaning my
room the phone rings and I thinking its Val for the
47399384757438839330049575759 time pick it up cheerfully
and say hello waiting for Val to say Hi back in her
extremely high pitched voice. So theirs no reply so I think
maybe its alicia I repeat my friendly hello, and then a
unformiliar voice says "Hello" now I'm a little confused so
I say hi and then the voice repeats hi . So then I'm just
like whatever so I ask him what hes doing and hes like I
was bored so I decided to call you. I big smile just
crosses my face I couldnt beleive it. It was kyle. I
started talking to him and we talked for 16 minutes. I was
never so happy after I hung up. I don't know what happened
there. I'm usually so calm and easy going when I'm talking
on the phone with guys, but with him I didnt know what to
say it was very uncomfortable and its like our conversation
was really boring. What do u think is wrong with me? all me
and Kyle do is fight. Why is it that when were finally
talking and getting along I can hardly breath? I'm so
confused. I can get along with people i always fight with
easy and i can get along with people i have crushes on
easy, but when it comes to kyle i choke. HELP ME!

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