Dirty Fractyl
2001-10-22 18:38:19 (UTC)

The Best Decision I have ever made! Ever!

Well, now that I have discussed it with her, I don't have
to play coy with this journal anymore and beat around the
bush. We are going to go back to being friends, best
friends, and just take things slowly and see what happens
without putting the added pressure on ourselves of being a

The mantra is: Best friends, maybe pressure!

It could not work any more beautifully, and this is what
she and I should have done all along. We both have things
we need to work on so that when we do get back together (if
we do; no pressure) we will be better suited for one
another and won't cause each other so much pain, as we did
at times. Moreover, we are so young, and we have so much
time ahead of ourselves. There is no need to rush
anything. Love just kind of clouds your ability to reason,
and causes you to do things that sometimes may not be for
the best. But I honestly believe in my heart that this
decision is a very good one, and that we are going to be
all the better for it.

I'm just so happy. I don't really know what else to
say! :)

*runs off to eat chicken!*