the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-10-22 18:24:08 (UTC)

insanity righteous

this weekend was a blast .....tiring but a complete blast
we left saturday morning....ATLANTA here we come right?
right we got right outside of Nashville and
there was a semi-truck turned over across the highway..we
were stuck in traffic for like 4 hours...for about an hour
and a half we were completely stopped we got out and
danced along the side of the road and took adventure walks
dont the side of the highway as fun
then we finally got out of traffic and on to make up for
lost time....yay....then heres is the best part are you
ready? we get to the exit to turn off towards chatenooga
and there was construction traffic backed up for lets just
say a long while....then there was another we sit in traffic for another hour
and finally get to atlanta around 7:00 just in time for the
concert to start which we missed b/c the plans were to eat
at hard rock and then go to the concert.....well needless
to say food was more important and plus hard rock ended up
being the best part of the trip....four different people
took pictures of me dancing to YMCA and none of them were
in our group one of the guys was even video taping
we then headed back to the hotel practiced until 1:30 am
and the i decided that i was tired so i curled up into a
ball on the floor and crashed 30 minutes later i crawled to
the night stand grabbed the key with my teeth and crawled
back to our room......they were still when i got to
our door i tried to put the key in with y teeth and i was successful
unfortunately i was not so lucky with opening the door so i waited
for erin and she opened it for me....i was out like a light....

i knew my lines i was so excited i was saying them in my sleep
i got on stage forst scene ....YES!!......second and third
scene....YES!!! fourth scene.....YES!! all wonderful the erin and i
came to our favorite scene the date ...we dropped the whole first
page of dialog....the best lines and everyone was confused
play ended and time for food.....i was expecting to be disappointed
since i was so upset with myself......but guess what we were taken to
a chinese buffet i love that stuff.......smooth sailing i hit the
seat in the van and i was in sleepy land everything was going
grrrreat on the way home but you know what we cursed our selves wehad
made such good time and we were even gonna be home a little
early....caught in a traffic jam outside bowling green.....plphhhhht
then i had to pee....i asked everyone for a cup but no one seemed to
be thrilled with that idea so i waited and waited and waited and then
the traffic cleared and gas station here we come

we got home at like 12 am so as soon as i hit my pillow i was gone
fun times
wish you had been there
love all