Reality Bites
2001-10-22 17:19:17 (UTC)

It's been awhile

It's been a few days since I've written, and here's whats
Friday Night: Jenn and I went and saw "Riding In Cars W/
Boys" OMG SO GOOD! We talked a lot, it was cool.
Sat: Went to Luke's house...hadn't seen him in a year:)
SOOO cute!! nicest car EVER! He's perfect I'm tellin you!!
Sat: Night-Kate came over at like 9, and then Rob and Kevin
and Gabe came over and we all chilled til like 12 and then
the boys left and Kate slept over.
Sun: Brought Kate home then went home and slept..Jess and
Shannon picked me up for rehersal at 1, rehersal was from
1-4:-( Me and Hailie had SO much, we got in
trouble SO much! Then Tom picked me up and brought me to
Alyssa's. Tim was there and we all chilled for awhile. Then
we went to Alyssa's brothers baseball game, the game was
near B's house so we called him and he met us there just
long enough to give hugs and say hey cause he was on his
way to a study group. Then Alyssa Tim and I went and
watched the game. Alyssa's older brother took us to dinner
after cause I didn't wanna go home...Mother was stressing
me out majorly. So I talked to him about it (Mikey) and
Alyssa and Tim "did their thing" lol. All and all it was a
fun day. I broke 2 of my fingers tho...Tim and I were
playing basketball and he picked me up and threw me over
his shoulder and then I kicked him (LOL) and we ended up
wresteling and somehow I got 2 broken I
couldnt stop lauging. There was a random Ambulence at the
resteraunt, so me and Alyss went over and the hot EMT fixed
me up! lol. he was so flirty!! Anyways, I didnt want to go
to school today, cause I was hella tierd, so I just slept
through my alarm, and my mom left me be. She can be cool
like that sometimes. Gtg xoxox!