times are a changing
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2001-10-22 17:13:17 (UTC)

man managment

well im writing this not cos iu fel a particualr need to or
want to but because ui had a warnig from the diary place
that iw as negelcting my dairy, i am sorry and it wont
happen, its just aht things have been quite nice for m
lately and i havnt had time to write any thing.

i passed muy theory test which is good as i as really
really nervous about it but i passed and now i am a small
step close to independance (well of a sort).

i havnt seen my favourite band for a while now and its
getting me down my mother wont let me go see bands on a
school night and as i cant drive i feel guilty asking them
to take me anywhere and then to wiat around whilst i go to
a gig.

blackpool let me down agian . 2-0 up after 15 minutes to
loose 3-2. what a load of poo.

well neevrmind.

ill be back diary. i promise.

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