Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-22 16:55:20 (UTC)

In a blanket made of stars

Hey everyone ~
Sup ? Sorry I didn't write again last night I was being
bitched at by Steph and adam ! URG ! that was like the
worst thing ever ! They were both yelling at me steph was
totally on Adam's side no matter how much she told me she
was neutral I could tell she was on Adams side! Urg ! Lets
just say they both made me feel like such shit that I was
like crying ! and Good thing Jessie was online cause she
helped me but I was like crying so hard cause Adam was
being so harsh !!! Steph also said that it WAS my fault and
that Adam was right about most of the stuff ! WTF is that
about !? Oh well everything is "sorted out" I guess ! I
don't know I still have mixed feelings about the
convorsations with those two last night ! But I hate
fighting even though I am so good at it ! haha , ok anways
I got up this morning and my eyes were all red and around
them they were all red and they stung like hell !!!!! I was
still upset when I went to school but everything is cool
now ! I got to see chris today at school only for a short
time though ! When I saw him I realized why I was
fighting so hard last night against Steph and Adam , its
cause Chris is so Perfect for me ! NO matter what anyone
says !!! " I wanna sleep on the hard ground in the comfort
of your arms ,on a pillow of blue bonnets, in a blanket
made of stars ! ! " I love that song ! haha ! " don't
waste your heart on a wild thing, shes got a soul that
won't settle on one thing ! " another good song ! " He
pushed me round now I'm drawin the line. he lived his life
now I'm gonna go live mine! I'm sick of wastin my time.
Well now I've been good for way to long, found my red dress
now I'm gonna throw it on ! Praise the Lord and pass the
ammunition!" LOL ! those are the best songs ! LOL ! um what
else happend today ?! Nothing ! But I gotta bounce!