The days of the wanderer
2001-10-22 16:54:51 (UTC)

Dag nammed Work!

Well on Sunday I was in a sober mood. But then isnt
everyone if they have to be up at 5am!
Well Mark didnt pull in till 9. So the pick weren't done
till 11.30. But this week I thought Fuck it Im not rushing.
So When I went to put it on the comp it wouldnt acsess.
No idea what was wrong. Phoned everyone! They were all out
so I phoned half the country for help. But was so pissed
off in the end I left it and bought lots of choclate to
calm me helped ;)

Monday had to have some blood taken out at 9. So left at
8am couldnt get it out of one arm. I know it shouldn't
hurt. But it felt like it was goin in one end and coming
out the other! She tried the other arm and I just shut my
eyes and thought about Liz Hurley and China. Got it
out.....eventually :(
Then went down a and got my parcel. I thought it'd be my videos but
it was my Graduation photos. They were crap! It looked like when you
upload something and it's all blurred round the edges. Bastards. Soon
sorted them out.

Ran to work after for 10.
Spoke to Wendy and she wants me to get them a Disco so it
looks like a few calls around to my mates.
And Staceys back on form again. Geez how much flirting can
one person take! Well she wants me to see her at work
Sunday. And I give up with holding it off so im just gonna
give in to her.
Shes ok I suppose.Shes gota nice bod and shes blonde.I
could....and most probably will do alot worse but I've been
told shes a Nymph........Damn :D