The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-10-22 15:12:57 (UTC)

Well it has been interesting...

I am here in BaBca class and we have finished all we had to
do and i have 20 min. to kill so io thought i would write
in my diary entry thing...Well the first day without Ashley
at school has been ok so far, but i am dreading Lunch and I
miss seeing Ashley in the hall way between 3 and 4th period
class...I feel so bad for Ashley b/c i know that some of
all that has happened is my fault..hence the fact that i
have a restraining order placed on my and her boyfrined and
Grace, Well i hope that Ashley does tell the Counsler
everything. and she doesnt miss a thing b/c by telling th
truth it will help her get the help she and her family
needs. I wish i could see her, but since i cant i am
atleast glad to know that she still can see some of her
friends when her parents let her. I love you guys all of
you. GSC RULES!!!...(Generals Stalker Club!!!) oh well i
am bored and i am tired and for once i dont know what else
to say so i will leave you all for now..Goodbye
I love you all!