Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
2001-10-22 15:03:52 (UTC)

Just woke up

K, yeah I just woke up and I really don't feel like getting
my ass in gear to go to my drawing class....but I will take
this time to concentrate on some homework and projects due
next week. URG! Down with the sickness is playing right
now by Disturbed... I've been obsessed with that song since
they played it at the Wreck'd Room on Friday and I was on
e! I love how teh signer fucking barks! lol!
ANyway, last night I did every fucking online tarot card
readings there was about Chance and I hope that he calls me
today! Like, I wouldn't see why he wouldn't call, he looked
so obsessed with me at the bar!!! Fuck damn shit, if he
doesn't call I'll probably go into some depression! K, I
might sound a little obsessed, but this guy, is P-E-R-F-E-C-
T for me! And he was sooooooo sweet, and nice and URG!
Nevermind, it's frustrating me!!

k, enough of this bullshit, my roomate needs to talk to