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2001-10-22 14:50:08 (UTC)

Life is good!

I am so happy today! One of my best friends who lives long
distance e-mailed me this weekend! That just made my day.
Plus i get to go to a Halloween party at my boyfriends
house on Saturday which will kick ass!!!!!!!! I am just in
an all around good mood. And now very happy i got rid of my
ex-boyfriend when i did because now he is playing about
three girls. That is why i broke up with him in the first
place cause i caught him cheating on me. Not good! Anyway
the guy i am with now is such a sweet heart. He takes me
out places when money allows and tries to buy me something
for every single holiday (yes, every holiday). He is also
very affectionate (in a good way) Not too much or too
little. Anyway i think you get the idea. Well gotta go for

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