I am a goddess
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2001-10-22 13:42:48 (UTC)

Infatuated only by ourselves

Ok heres the deal, ive stopped throwing up as much but i
seem to be putting on weight, my 3 day diet starts 2moro so
we'll se what that does. I stopped b/c my throat was
starting to hurt and i thought there was cause for concern
as i threw up about 6 or 7 times yesterday and that cant be
good. Im beginning to get obsessed about my weight and i
cant go past the bathroom without going in and weighing
myself to see if ive lost any weight. I'm now taking water
retention tablets to see if that helps any but it doesnt
seem to have made much of a difference. I need a weightloss
tablet that isnt too expensive as i have not got much money
being 16 and all but it also needs to be effective.
Help!!!! i need to do something quick. After only half a
day of not being sick i already feel really fat and bloated
as if i need to get rid of whats inside of me. I need to
purge myself of all my fat. I realise that im hurting
myself so i need an alternative. BTW i absolutely adore
Courtney Taylor from the Dandy warhols. All i can say is
WOW!!!! He is soooooo sexy.

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