Me and More
2001-10-22 13:33:01 (UTC)



It's 8:28 am and I'm so fucking tired. Sometimes I wonder
why there are mornings. I hate mornings. lol. I got and e-
mail from a friend today, good to hear from you!! You know
who you are also.

I think I am going to go job hunting today, ech. I'm not
really skilled for anything other that working in a kennel
area of a vet's office. Good me!

I am sure some shit will start up between me and my dad
again today. That man can really get on my nerves
sometimes. I don't hate him but I don't love him. Not for
the things he has done. He's lucky I am such a caring
person to still be taking cacre of him, and being there
when he needs me.

I know each and everyone of you have some type of problem.
And I'm sorry you ahve that problem. Sometimes I feel bad
for ranting about the way my life is, cuz others have much
less than I have.

Well, I am going to go now. Have a great day to Jane_d. And
to everyone else that may read this, You have a great day
and keep a smile on that face. :)